Competition: not quite so elementary, dear readers

Win a stash of Sherlock Holmes books in our Penguin Summer quiz
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In August 1901, Arthur Conan Doyle brought his creation Sherlock Holmes back from the dead when The Hound of the Baskervilles started its serialisation in the Strand magazine. To mark the centenary of this famous resurrection, Penguin has published a range of Conan Doyle's works as Penguin Classics for the first time. And 10 Independent readers can win the whole set, along with Daniel Stashower's much-praised new biography of Conan Doyle, in our Summer Crime quiz.

To enter, submit to the following interrogation about crime fiction and its characters, and send your answers to the address below by Friday 17 August. Courtesy of Penguin Classics, the first 10 correct entries opened will win the six Conan Doyle titles (The Hound of the Baskervilles; The Valley of Fear and Selected Cases; The Sign of Four; A Study in Scarlet; The Adventures and The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes; The Lost World and Other Thrilling Tales), as well as Daniel Stashower's Teller of Tales: the life of Arthur Conan Doyle. Surely that's an offer (as Professor Moriarty would never have said) that you can't possibly refuse.


1/ In which story does Sherlock Holmes travel for the first time in a motor-car?

2/ Why is it not hard to name Bill Clinton's favourite private eye?

3/ Who began his detections with a trip to the barbaric edge of the empire: Britannia?

4/ Which sergeant clears up a glittering mystery that starts in the shrine at Seringapatam?

5/ Name the dames aided and abetted by a) Pete Marino, and b) Joe Morelli.

6/ Name the Catalan foodie who discovers foul play at the Nou Camp.

7/ Who was the nameless hero inspired by James Wright of Pinkerton's detective agency?

8/ Which grumpy, anti-social Oxonian fingers the truth about da Cola, Prestcott and Wallis?

9/ Which charming gent employs the services of Magersfontein Lugg?

10/ And which philosophical Venetian came, so we assume, to an explosive end in Sicily?


11/ Which mobster takes a short cut from debt collection to movie production?

12/ Identify the Eastern emperor of crime created (pseudonymously) by Arthur Sarsfield Ward.

13/ Which dud captain of police betrays a Western city's confidence?

14/ Whose so-called friends make his life in Boston life far from a tea-party?

15/ Who played a deadly game under ground, and also under water?

16/ A relative of Conan Doyle invented a thief with perfect manners. Name the relative, and the thief.

17/ Which unusual prewar mastermind helped to inspire The Usual Suspects?

18/ What is the Black Stone?

19/ Who killed Roger Ackroyd, and why are we surprised?

20/ Professor Moriarty owes his chair in mathematics to a treatise on – what, exactly?


1/ Answers should be sent by post, to arrive by Friday 17 August, to Summer Crime Quiz, Books Desk, The Independent, 191 Marsh Wall, London E.14 9RS, faxed (clearly marked) to 020 7005 2010 or emailed to

2/ The winners will be the first 10 correct, or most nearly correct, entries opened on that day.

3/ The answers, and the winners' names, will be published in the Independent on Saturday 25 August.

4/ The judges' decision is final. All normal Independent competition rules apply.