Cover Stories: Germaine Greer; congratulations Dedalus Books; Jeanette Winterson; Peter Pan sequel

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Congratulations to Dedalus Books, the Cambridgeshire-based maverick outfit whose list of weirdly wonderful global literature scooped two of the prizes. David Connolly picked up the award for the year's best translation from Greek for his anthology of fantasy and Oliver Ready the Rossica International Prize (for Russian) for his version of Yuri Buida's novel, The Prussian Bride.

Jeanette Winterson is at work on a children's novel, due next summer. Tanglewreck is a "time-slip adventure story" that Winterson began telling first to herself, then to her godchildren. Bloomsbury is not dubbing it a "crossover" novel but feels confident it will appeal to her adult audience.

This year, Geraldine McCaughrean was chosen by J M Barrie's estate and the trustees of Great Ormond Street to write a sequel to Peter Pan. She has now found a link between her own new novel, The White Darkness, about Scott's Antarctic expedition, and Barrie. A letter from Scott to Barrie, written from his tent, tells Peter's creator that "I never met a man in my life who I loved and admired more than you."