Cover Stories: Kate Jones; Nick Hornby on the ebook reader

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* Earlier this year, the agent and former publisher Kate Jones died, aged 46, of cancer. She left a void in the life of her loving family but also in the lives of her clients and colleagues. Next week, a book will be published commemorating her short but stunning life. The idea came from her husband, John Tackaberry QC, and Andrew Franklin and his colleagues at Profile pulled it together. Kate Jones contains a poignant selection from the many letters, tributes and obituaries from, among others, Martin Bell, the former MP whose 1997 campaign she managed, Sarah Dunant, whose early novels she published and Cherie Blair and William Boyd, whom she agented. The book has no official price but can be bought for a donation to Marie Curie Cancer Charity, c/o Andrew Franklin, Profile Books, 3A Exmouth House, Pine Street, London EC1R 0JH.

* One man who won't be queuing up to buy Sony's amazingly "book-like" ebook reader from Waterstone's is Nick Hornby. "I'm sure that in the future we'll be able to take a pill that saves us the trouble of having to read anything ever," reads his blog. "But while people are so resistant to the act of reading itself, the £400 reader is not going to be the must-have accessory of the near future."