Cover Stories: New MD for William Morris' UK division; Tony Blair to star in a novel

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After several weeks of rumour has come confirmation that Caroline Michel is the new MD of the UK division of Beverly Hills-based multi-media agency, William Morris. Michel spoke of "a fantastic opportunity". She leaves HarperCollins next Friday after three and a half years, exiting after its annual author party. Michel takes up her new role in August so, come Frankfurt, will be giving Ed Victor a run for his money in the designer-agent stakes. Publishers-turned-agents always bring a new take to the job: Michel will package her authors wonderfully and look after them. But can she persuade publishers to sign off on what are bound to be some pretty high advances?

Tony Blair will soon star in a novel, Anthony Blair: Captain of School By an Old Boy. The author is John Morrison, ex-Reuters lobby chief. Written as an Edwardian school story, it will feature a chum, Gordon, a matron, Boothroyd, and a fag, Peter. Morrison is issuing the novel under his Black Pig imprint in October.