Cover Stories: Orion; Pamela Stephenson; forest-friendly paper; Carmen Callil

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The fall of Orion group co-founder and chief executive Anthony Cheetham last week was a surprise - his demise has long been predicted, notably in the wake of his deal with Hachette five years ago, when all manner of things crawled out from under the carpet and caused the French publishers more than a Gallic shrug. But Orion is currently riding high. However, it seems the chess-playing Cheetham may have been out-manoeuvred by senior colleagues who spent the summer making clandestine trips to Paris. "It was a mutiny," said an insider. Now that he's cleared his desk, Peter Roche - co-founder with Cheetham of Century in the early 1980s, who worked with him through the merger with Hutchinson and then of Hutchinson with Random House, and is godfather to one of his children - has got his feet under the CEO's desk, with Malcolm Edwards as his deputy. The latter, who arrived from HarperCollins, is a widely liked manager - even if he has now revealed a hitherto undiscovered side. As the icing on the cake, another former HarperCollins hand, Adrian Bourne, takes over as MD of Weidenfeld & Nicolson, part of the Orion Group, in November.

* Two years after Billy, Pamela Stephenson is set to release the second tranche of biography of her iconoclastic husband. Bravemouth, out next month from Headline, chronicles Mr Connolly's 60th year. Age hasn't mellowed him, for Stephenson - now a California psychotherapist - reports that he is both a personal and professional curmudgeon. "He's not even slightly house-trained, and believe me I've made many attempts," she tells Publishing News.

* Today Greenpeace launches a campaign to transform UK publishing, by co-opting authors to persuade publishers to print books on "ancient-forest-friendly paper". A report, Paper Trail, finds that few publishers use recycled paper and much comes from endangered forests. Among authors supporting the initiative are Joanna Trollope, Helen Fielding and JK Rowling (pictured) - who must, single-handedly, have contributed much to deforestation.

* Carmen Callil, founder of Virago Press and a former MD of Chatto & Windus, is to write her memoirs. The deal, with two former colleagues, means that she is supping with someone she once thought the devil incarnate, Rupert Murdoch. She has signed with HarperCollins, where she'll work with Caroline Michel, who joined this year from Random House, and editor Michael Fishwick, who began as one of "Carmen's boys". The book will be full of "passion and fire".