Cover Stories: Pete Doherty's journals; Bill Clinton; Richard Adams; Hugh Trevor-Roper

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After endless pasty-faced front-page splashes and a clutch of cash-in books, Orion has bought the journals of Pete Doherty. The musings of the troubled singer-songwriter now exist as 20 volumes of poems, drawings and pensées. The editor Ian Preece hails the Doherty oeuvre as "intimate, honest stuff", both "very funny" and "pretty dark". Orion will publish a one-volume selection in March 2007. Meanwhile, the Rimbaud of Babyshambles is delighted "to share a bookshelf with HG Wells, Ian Rankin and Stan Bowles".

* Former president Bill Clinton is working on new book about citizenship and service. The follow-up to his mighty memoir, My Life, will offer "an important and timely examination" of ways to move the US "away from conflict" and towards "opportunity and responsibility". Knopf will publish in the US in late 2007, as Hutchinson again handles the British end.

* The small publisher Wrecking Ball has scored a coup in signing Richard Adams's latest novel, Daniel. Best known for Watership Down, his anthropomorphic account of rabbit society, Adams appears, in recent years, to have fallen from grace. Daniel traces the life of a slave born in the southern US, who comes to England. Shane Rhodes of Wrecking Ball is "over the moon".

* Hugh Trevor-Roper is, sadly, probably best remembered for the Hitler Diaries fiasco. In 1985, as a director of Times Newspapers, the august historian too hastily authenticated that tea-stained hoax. The episode is one of many colourful incidents in a biography now being written by Adam Sisman. The book, to be published by Weidenfeld, has the full co-operation of Trevor-Roper's family.