Cover Stories: Sarah Waters' new novel; Bob Dylan; Whitbread prize

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Sarah Waters, whose Fingersmith was heavily garlanded in 2002, is close to finishing her fourth novel. It will again be published by Virago, where publisher Lennie Goodings reports that it's set in 1940s London, in the darkest wartime days, and is "tender, tragic, beautiful and marvellously realised". Fingersmith will reach our TV screens soon, starring the Oscar-nominated Imelda Staunton, as well as Charles Dance.

* Chronicles was so long coming it's by no means certain that Bob Dylan will ever write another volume. Let's hope he is encouraged by news that his memoir has been shortlisted for a US National Book Circle Award for non-fiction, alongside John Guy's life of Mary, Queen of Scots and Stephen Greenblatt's life of the Bard, Will in the World. The winners are announced in New York on 18 March.

* Andrea Levy, a child of the Windrush generation of migrants, said a few especially well-chosen words on Tuesday when she added the Whitbread Book of the Year award to her Orange Prize for Small Island. In the week when Michael Howard made hostility to immigration a central plank of Tory policy, Levy thanked "all those people ... who work hard to ensure that the rivers in this country never run with blood".