Cover Stories: the Dalai Lama on business; Hollywood chimp Cheeta's memoirs; PFD's Caroline Michel

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Indie publisher Nicholas Brealey has unveiled a fascinating project – the Dalai Lama on business. The Leader's Way: Business, Buddhism and Happiness in an Interconnected World by His Holiness with Laurens van de Muyzenberg was born out of a decade-long discussion between the two men, one a spiritual leader, the other an international management consultant. Based on "the right view" and "right conduct", the book – due late next year – will apply progressive techniques to such global topics as poverty, sustainability, diversity and the environment. Corporations will be asked to set out "authentic principles" and demonstrate that they are motivated by higher ideals.

A room full of monkeys with typewriters may eventually create a celebrity memoir. Now the Hollywood chimp Cheeta, star of Tarzan and Dr Doolittle, has sold his to HarperCollins. The world's oldest known chimp, he suffers from diabetes but has overcome a common Hollywood problem – drink. He is to tell his story with the help of a ghostwriter, yet to be announced. Perhaps Roy Hattersley, Buster's faithful amanuensis, could be up for the part.

Caroline Michel, the embattled MD of PFD, was notably absent from last week's Frankfurt Book Fair. A little local difficulty? Certainly not – husband Matthew Evans had cracked a couple of ribs, she told friends, so she stayed home to look after him. An announcement regarding the agency's future is thought to be imminent. Meanwhile, trade wags were suggesting a book, Where's Caroline? – a parody of Walker's mega-selling kids' title, Where's Wally?