Cultural Life: Jackie collins, author

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An unputdownable, dazzling thrill-ride is 'City of the Sun' by David Levien. Not for the fainthearted. 'My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands' by Chelsea Handler is a hilarious trip through her early love life.


'Californication'. Brilliant! A very decadent look at life. 'Dexter' the ongoing tale of a lovable serial killer! And the best new comedy on television is 'Modern Family'.


I saw 'Dirty Dancing The Classic Story on Stage' in LA. It was so much fun.


A thriller called 'A Perfect Getaway'. It is sold as a horror film it's not. It's just a nail-biting trip, extremely well acted by Timothy Olyphant and Steve Zahn. Two couples are on a Hawaiian holiday where psychopaths are murdering tourists.

Visual Arts

I'm lucky enough to own several original Beryl Cooks. I never tire of looking at them and smiling.


Mariah Carey's 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' is excellent. I'm also loving Jay-Z's 'The Blueprint 3'. And John Mayer never disappoints me.

'Poor Little Bitch Girl' by Jackie Collins is published by Simon and Schuster at 18.99