Cultural life: Pam Ayres, poet

'I loved About Time and wished there were more light films of this type'

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I'm currently re-reading Moonfleet by J Meade Falkner. I stayed at Moonfleet Manor once, and bought this book from reception. It's a gorgeous, atmospheric story of smuggling and the sea, of poor, unloved John Trenchard and his friendship with desolate, bereaved Elzevir Block. Read this for the tang of the salt sea.


I saw The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the Apollo, starring Luke Treadaway. I had picked up the book a couple of years previously in an over-furnished B&B somewhere in Yorkshire, and became so engrossed in it that I bought my own copy. I missed the warmth, humour, and subtle unfolding of the story that I liked so much in the book.


I recently sauntered off to an old fogey's afternoon performance of About Time in Cheltenham. I loved it and wished there were more light films of this type: a bit of escapism.


I've been hooked on The Americans, a convincing American drama series created and produced by Joe Weisberg, a former CIA officer. It is fast, clever and different, and I was incensed when it ended.

Pam Ayres' new collection of poems, 'You Made Me Late Again!' is out now. An Evening With Pam Ayres tours the UK until 29 January (