Dogs Hanging Out of Windows: Internet craze gets made into new book

New book shows adorable photos of dogs from the Beagle to the Bullmastiff

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Once they were man’s best friends, but now the internet has taken over as the dog’s greatest companion.

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And nothing excites the web more than picture upon picture of our favourite pets sticking their heads out of car windows.

Now the theme that has populated so many YouTube clips, listicles and memes has been made flesh in a book entitled Dogs Hanging Out of Windows.

Comprising over 90 photographs, the book includes images of every breed from the Bernese Mountain Dog to the Cockapoo as they take unadulterated pleasure at poking their heads out of automobiles to feel the breeze.


The adorable collection includes an English Cocker Spaniel looking worried as she attempts to put her paws up on the car window, a Dalmatian looking alert as he climbs out of the sun roof, and a stocky bulldog whose upper body is so big he looks as if he may well fall out of the car window.

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Orion Books' 'Dogs Hanging Out of Windows'

No dog lover will be able to put it down.

Dogs Hanging Out of Windows published by Orion Press is available to buy in hardback and an an eBook now.