Free children's story download: The Gladiators from Capua

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Exclusive to The Independent, this series of live recordings of children’s audiobooks is available to download for one week only.

Devised by the Audio Publishing Association to highlight the importance of group reading, the recordings feature some of the nation’s best loved children’s storytellers reading to groups of children aged four to seven.

The Gladiators from Capua by Caroline Lawrence

March AD 80. In Rome, the Emperor Titus has announced that there will be one hundred days of games to open his new Flavian amphitheatre, now known as the Coliseum. Searching for their friend Jonathan, Flavia, Nubia and Lupus organise a trip to Rome which leads them straight to the games whey they must face wild beasts, criminals, conspirators and gladiators in this gory tale, read by Caroline Lawrence to a roaring and gasping crowd of kids.

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