Name game: John Rentoul's top ten anagrams


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Mary Ann Sieghart, a former columnist on 'The Independent on Sunday', found a London Underground map on the internet, on which all the station names were replaced with anagrams, some of which are striking. Especially the first on this list...

1. Kensington High Street Togetherness thinking.

2. Eleven plus two Twelve plus one. Spooky.

3. Manchester City Synthetic cream. With thanks to James Farrar.

4. New York Times Monkeys write.

5. Public relations Crap built on lies. Attributed to Mick Tully, 2001, and nominated by Ben Stanley.

6. Houses of Parliament Shameful operations. From Roger Morgan.

7. Anagram If you type it into Google, it asks "did you mean nag a ram". Thanks to Citizen Sane.

8. Alec Guinness Genuine class. Also from Citizen Sane.

9. Proust Stupor. Thanks to Dorothy Chang.

10. Cameron Romance. Pointed out to me by a taxi driver, to explain his prediction that the Conservative leader would win the 2010 election.

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Coming soon: Trollemics, a word coined by Stephen Tall for 'a deliberately over-the-top argument to generate controversy and make rational debate impossible'. Send your suggestions (by 19 November), along with ideas for any future Top 10s, to