Observations: A panoramic view of travel

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If you want to give your children a taste for travel, or show them the world without leaving the bedroom – perhaps the preferable option in these lean times – then take a trip through the monochrome world of Panorama, a new children's book that adults seem to coo over as well. It is conceived by Fani Marceau and realised by the illustrator Joëlle Jolivet. Jolivet is the prolific artist responsible for, among other books, the bestselling 365 Penguins.

Panorama is an ambitious creation: though it can be read page by page, the images also open out into a single, 32-panel panoramic image of the globe, from the jungles of India to the Galapagos Islands, taking in Alaskan rivers, Hong Kong cityscapes, Iceland, Senegal and more in between. Creature-loving children will appreciate the animals that appear throughout: tigers, turtles, bears and, of course, penguins, among them. And then there's the killer detail: when you reach the end of the book, turn the last page over and you'll find that the flipside of the panorama presents the world by night, all the way back from the Pacific to the Punjab.

'Panorama' is published by Abrams at £9.99.