Seeking a new position? The book title that promises a whole new meaning to pleasure and work


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Sex, as they say, sells. Judging by the book charts, self-help books sell pretty well, too. So combine the two and you could be on to a winner. That might be the thinking behind a new tome - The Kama Sutra Of Work: Why Work Is The New Sex And How To Make Sure You're Getting Enough.

Written with tongue firmly in cheek, the book's central argument is that we're all going to have to work longer than planned so we might as well enjoy it like we would our sex lives. Eye-opening chapter headings include "oral", "lubrication", "masturbation", "coming first" and "keeping it up". Each takes an element of sex and tries to use it to inject a love of work into the reader's job, or, in its own words, make "any morning just as enjoyable as the night before". The author is Avril Millar, who according to her biography is an engineer, teacher, businesswoman, mentor, writer, speaker and turnaround expert. She is also the mother of Tour de France cyclist David Millar and Fran Millar (head of business operations for Team Sky cycling).

For some, putting the bursts of energy required for lovemaking into work might seem exhausting but for the ambitious, its theories will make sense. However, for all the office perverts hoping for a new sexual position involving the photocopier - remember it's the Kama Sutra of work, not at work...