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The 10 Best business start-up books

  • @SAMuston

1. Business Model You by Tim Clark

£18.99, wiley.com

About reinventing your whole professional life by creating, a simple, one-page blueprint for a business.

2. How to Make A Million Before Lunch By Rachel Bridge

£8.15, virginbooks.com

Former business journalist distils her knowledge into 20 top tips for getting rich quick.

3. Start Your Business in 7 Days by James Caan

£12.99, penguin.co.uk

Dragon Caan focuses less on the mechanics of start-ups than on asking: "Will my business work?"

4. Start Your Own eBay or Amazon by Kim Benjamin

£14.99, crimsonpublishing.co.uk

Step-by-step guide to picking the right market, customers, platform, and, crucially, how to get noticed.

5. Make it Happen: The Prince's Trust Guide

£14.99, wiley.com

Good, practical advice on ideas, funding, business plans and looking after your finances.

6.The Food Truck Handbook by David Weber

£13.99, wiley.com

Everything from creating a concept to gaining a loyal following, via an chapter on maintaining equipment.

7. Entrepreneurship by Frederick G. Crane

£59.99, sagepub.com

An entrepreneurship encyclopedia, it presupposes the reader is familiar with business concepts.

8. The Start-up of You by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha

£7.79, randomhouse.co.uk

Co-written by LinkedIn-founder Hoffman, it has great tips on becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg.

9. Zoom! by Ian Sanders and David Sloly

£12.99, pearson-books.com

Speedy set-ups can lead to speedy money making, that's the message behind Sanders and Sloly's book.

10. Lean Startup by Eric Ries

£14.99, penguin.co.uk

A rather intellectual read, praised for its central message: that new successes comes through agility in the marketplace.