The 10 Best guides to teens

Whether your teenager is a diva, a door-slammer or downright demonic, there’s a book out there to help you

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1. Divas & Door Slammers by Charlie Taylor


In a Mumsnet favourite, Taylor clearly explains how to avoid parent-teen relationships ending up on a downward spiral.

2. How to Talk So Kids Will Listen by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish


The message is simple: keep the communication lines with your son or daughter open.

3. Help! My Teenager is an Alien by Sarah Newton


Sarah Newton, who hosted the ITV series My Teen's a Nightmare, advises on breaking down the barriers between parents and children.

4. Surviving the Terrible Teens, edited by Roni Jay


Two psychologists and a youth worker have put their heads together to come up with this guide to how to teens think.

5. Parenting a Teen Girl by Lucie Hemmen


A psychologist explains how to raise happy and confident adolescent girls, without stress.

6. Family Lives website

OK, so this is not a book, but it is one of the most helpful resources for parents of teens around, with advice lines and online forums.

7. The Terrible Teens by Kate Figes


Figes doesn't just concern herself with how to handle your teen, she also gives a practical analysis of the difficulties of growing up today.

8. Raise a Happy Teenagerby Suzy Hayman


Counsellor Suzy Hayman offers easy-to-follow advice on conflict points and how talking and negotiating can help solve them.

9. Teenagers by Rob Parsons


Parsons gives clear-sighted advice on coping with this disruptive time, while also giving a series of tips on maintaining relationships as your son or daughter grows up.

10. Whatever! By Gill Hines & Alison Baverstock


Advice on how to raise the thorny topics of sex, drugs and alcohol with your adolescent, and how much independence is too much.