The 10 best new memoirs


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1. Back from the Brink by Alistair Darling


The former chancellor's book seems delightfully free of the usual politician's artifice.


2. Absolutely: A Memoir by Joanna Lumley


Lumley has done it all, from sex kitten and TV star to activist for the Gurkhas. Read about it here.


3. The Unauthorised Autobiography by Julian Assange


The story of the man behind WikiLeaks is a gripping read.


4. Instead of a Book by Diana Athill


Not quite a traditional memoir, but few of those illuminate their author so deftly and with such grace.


5. How I Won the Yellow Jumper by Ned Boulting


Follow Ned Boulting's journey from bike-racing virgin to aficionado of all things speedy on two wheels.


6. May I Have Your Attention, Please? by James Corden


The star's memoir is an above-average affair in that he devotes a lot of space to addressing his failings.


7. My Father's Fortune by Michael Frayn


The playwright and journalist's first volume of autobiography is beautifully written and deeply insightful.


8. I, Partridge by Alan Partridge


Partridge muses about his time in radio, his break as an archery commentator, and lots more besides.


9. I'm Not Really Here by Paul Lake


An emotional account of footballer Lake's descent from potential superstar to broken man.


10. Small Man in a Book by Rob Brydon


The actor, writer, comedian and voice of Toilet Duck takes a wry look at his life.