The 10 best stationery sets

Those thank-you letters won’t write themselves... Make the chore bearable with charming paper and cards

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1. Jan Constantine


Writing thank-you letters is a joy using this fabulous writing set, with the Jan Constantine iconic Union Jack and heart design.

2. Honey Tree

From £34,

Your only problem will be choosing from the dazzling array of children's and adults' designs.

3. Thursday Press


Each print is hand-inked with vintage wooden blocks on 100 per cent recycled manila card with matching envelopes.

4. Smythson


Die-stamped "Thank You" motifs, make these the Rolls Royce of stationery, so save them for people who bought you something nice.

5. Caroline Gardner


So pretty is the lined presentation box housing these 10 large floral note cards that the set makes a great gift all of its own.

6. Inspire Me


This lovely set, featuring five aqua/ pink patterned sheets of writing paper and envelopes, does as its name suggests – inspires.

7. Great Little Trading Co


This Robot stationery box has four designs of writing paper, two designs of postcards, stickers and more – all in a fun keepsake box.

8. Basildon Bond


With 40 sheets of watermarked thick paper for under a fiver, even the most frugal of folk can scribe away on premium quality paper.

9. Paperchase


Eight contemporary cards made from FSC-approved sources. The Design is both attractive and suitably gender neutral. Blank inside.

10. Pineider


Handmade Italian cards are utterly gorgeous. The finest cotton paper, hand-painted, blind embossed and tissue-lined envelopes.