The Reading List: Formula One

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'The Life of Senna' by Tom Rubython, £9.99

The release of Senna, Asif Kapadia's much-lauded documentary film of the great Brazilian racing driver, is a good excuse to revisit this engaging 600-page biography. As the title indicates, Rubython devotes most space to Senna's remarkable life, refreshingly refusing to get bogged down in the pitfalls of his untimely death in 1994.


'Burning Rubber' by Charles Jennings, £17.99

Utterly readable, filled with good humour and thoroughly researched, Charles Jennings's history of the sport manages to avoid the statistic-heavy type of prose which characterises many Formula One books, while faithfully and insightfully documenting the development of grand prix racing.


'The Science of Formula 1 Design' by David Tremayne, £19.99

Catering for the technologically curious rather than the outright boffin, David Tremayne's book will be of interest for those who feel Formula One is more about aerodynamics and innovations, than Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. Written by The Independent's Grand Prix correspondent, it's one for fans who want to understand the science behind the speed.


'Art of the Formula One Race Car' by Stuart Codling with photography by James Mann, £30

The engineering brilliance and aesthetic beauty of the race car are celebrated in this 200-page photography book. From Nino Farina's 1950 championship-winning Alfa Romeo to Lewis Hamilton's McLaren MP4-23 of 2008, this book depicts Formula One's technical evolution over the past 60 years.

Hall of Fame

'Murray Walker's Formula One Heroes' by Murray Walker and Simon Taylor, £9.99

The veteran commentator and voice of motor sport gives his opinion on the most talented drivers ever to have graced a Formula One track. From Fangio and Ferrari to Senna and Schumacher, Walker adds his own personal anecdotes and insights as he considers what made the greats so great.