The Word On: Antony Beevor

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"Beevor has controversially asserted that the British D-Day bombing of the French town of Caen was "close to a war crime". The claim...has been fiercely rejected by experts, who accuse Beevor of seeking publicity for his new book. "


"Germans are, 70 years later, still pummelled because of Guernica despite having had clear military objectives which were archived unlike in the case of Caen. Still, I think the greatest reason for outrage (exhibited in this thread) is that Beevor "accused" the British of near war crime. Nearly all the outrage comes from those who have British sympathies. The same (thing) happens when discussing Beevor's earlier books except then, it is the Russians expressing outrage."


"Beevor is on well-trodden ground writing about the D-Day landings; but this thoroughly researched compendium makes the countless previous books on the subject seem almost arbitrary."


"Beevor recognises that Allied and German combat motivation was...different...the British and American armies were...not always imbued with the killer instinct of some of their opponents."