The Word On: Chris Anderson

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"It will be interesting to see if the author gives his book (entitled Free) away for free. It seems to work pretty well for Cory Doctorow for his great sci-fi novels. A book like Free is probably even more appropriate for this model since having the author come to speak about the concepts behind the book and getting onto speaking panels is a substantial market opportunity, especially in an economic downturn."


What complete nonsense. 'Digital' is not a standalone industry, nor is it a standalone economy. Some things are free to the consumer but not many. It will sell a book as it is an interesting idea. The cute throwaway around the fact he is selling a book which contradicts his theory of free is the proof in point.

Liam Walsh

There's nothing new in proclaiming that we all wish everything were free. But there's a lot of hand-waving in Anderson's argument that cheap is "close enough to free to round down".


"Chris Anderson is obviously a smart guy who sees the market for solidifying a small drop of that info-goo into paper and explaining to readers how it's all going to change the world a heck of a lot."