Understanding Shakespeare: The new essential guide

Two free posters and three booklets, free with the print edition
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The Independent newspaper, in conjunction with Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, is launching a five-day series - The New Essential Guide to Shakespeare.

The first poster – ‘ The Plays of William Shakespeare’ includes a detailed description of every Shakespeare play and has a comprehensive timeline of the writer’s life. This is free on Monday 6 August.

The second poster – ‘ Shakespearean Theatre’ gives a detailed historical look at the actors, the audiences and the theatres of the time. This is free on Tuesday 7 August.

The three booklets give you an insight into three of Shakespeare’s most popular plays: Romeo and Juliet, Othello and The Merchant of Venice. Each brand new booklet gives fresh comments on the characters and the main protagonists with valuable observations from the actors who perform the roles at Shakespeare’s Globe. These guides are free from Wednesday 8 August to Friday 10 August.

Whether you are a regular theatre-goer, or discovering Shakespeare for the first time as a student, this series will give you a new and valuable insight into the playwright and his plays.

All next week only in The Independent print edition.

If you miss part of The Independent's 'New Essential Guide to Shakespeare' series you can purchase back copies at the following address: www.read4charity.co.uk/shakespeare . Subject to availability. While stocks last. Please note that you will only be able to purchase an item once it has appeared in the newspaper. 15 per cent of all revenue will be donated to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.