Why I Love: Heavy hardbacks

Pam Ferris, actor
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For me, reading is a physical pleasure. I have all the right equipment. I settle on the sofa, prop two cushions on my lap and settle my book into my reading frame. It's great for heavy hardbacks. Reading in bed, I have a very focused lamp that doesn't wake my husband and has a flexible neck so mine doesn't have to be. I even have a pair of bendy reading glasses, so I can read lying sideways.

Disappearing into a book is one of life's great pleasures, even if it means I regularly miss my stop on the train. I would never read on a film set, but hidden away in my trailer it's perfect when there's a lot of waiting around. I think I might actually be addicted: I'm not happy unless I have three volumes lined up and waiting.

Pam Ferris stars in The Darling Buds of May – Complete Series, which is part of the ITV Icons DVD collection, available now. She is currently appearing in Little Dorrit on BBC1.