International Literature Festival Berlin to stream 24-hour live reading

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The International Literature Festival is set to begin on September 15, presenting ten days of literary events throughout the German capital. On September 21, festival organizers hope to set a Guinness World Record with a 24-hour live-broadcast reading to coincide with the UN-designated International Day of Peace.

On September 21, the Festival will host 60-plus writers from around the world, all of whom will read aloud from their own works on the subject of peace. Organizers are calling the planned reading the world's largest event of its kind, marking the first time so many authors will read live online successively.

Among the authors taking part in the Authors for Peace event are UK writer and spokesperson Priya Basil as well as other writers from the UK, US, Australia, China, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Albania, Israel, Somalia, Chile, Singapore, and throughout Eastern and Western Europe.

Celebrated since 1982, the International Day of Peace (or "Peace Day") is observed by millions of people around the world through small and large gatherings, public concerts, forums, and a star-studded Global Broadcast.

Details about where to tune into the event will soon be posted at:

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