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Flips are a fun and innovative new way for children to read, in the format of game cards for use with the Nintendo DS console. Unique in its field, this interactive series of children’s books brings stories and characters to life in a way that children will love.

TRY THE DEMO BELOW: Hold your mouse over the Nintendo DS Console, use the stylus to "Select Book", then follow the instructions and select the featured Flip.

The books featured range from Enid Blyton’s fantastical Faraway Tree series to Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl books, focusing on the teenage criminal mastermind.

Keen readers will enjoy the range of titles and the fact that they can rediscover their old favourites in a new accessible, digital format with lots of added features. They will be thrilled to get a whole series of their favourite authors’ books for their Nintendo DS in one go.

Reluctant readers, especially those who are keen on playing computer games, will find that the interactive features make this a more satisfying experience for them. They will be encouraged to read further and to try out other books, discovering the pleasure of reading as well as improving their literacy skills.

Flips can be read alone or with a family member or a friend, and will be a perfect boon to those parents who worry about their children spending too much of their time playing computer games. Now they can encourage their child to pick up their Nintendo DS, content in the knowledge that they will be spending a few happy hours reading.

To access the Flips, the child holds their DS as if it were a book and uses the stylus or their finger on the touch screen to turn the pages.

Each story has links that can be tapped to pop-up additional character pictures or information or replay sound effects, adding an extra dimension to the reading experience.

As the child progresses through the story, they can collect a number of tokens – from fairy feathers to scary spiders – which will give them access to additional content. In some ranges there are also quizzes at the end of each chapter, which allow children to have fun while recapping the story that they have been following.

When children discover something that they are enthusiastic about, they always want to share it with their friends. With Flips, they can use the Nintendo DS console’s wireless capability to send a chapter of a book to others.

A set of books from the Flips range would make an ideal birthday or Easter gift, and, with 6-8 books on each game card, they represent fantastic value for money.

There are currently five series of books available (see below). A further two series will be launched in April: Enid Blyton’s The Adventure Series and Andy Stanton’s Mr Gum collection.