Neil Young’s 'Greendale’ album now a graphic novel

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In 2003, Neil Young released a concept album, Greendale, about a fictional California town and its inhabitants. He also directed a filmed version of the story. Now Greendale is also a graphic novel, released this week on Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics.

Young's tale about the Green family focuses on Sun Green, a vibrant free-spirited teenager with unique powers.

Commentary on the effects of social, political, media, and environmental issues is woven through the story, complicated by a stranger in the remote seaside town.

Referred to as a "rock novel," the original album release was acoustic with a follow-up with Young's band Crazy Horse. A booklet with a map of the town and details was also included with the project now online at

The 160-page graphic novel is written by Joshua Dysart who described Greendale as "an American fable with strong supernatural elements" to the New York Times. He wrote the graphic novels Unknown Soldier and Make 5 Wishes for Avril Lavigne.

A collaboration with Young, Greendale is illustrated by Cliff Chiang, who has worked on Human Target, Batman, Red Sonja, and Grendel.