<3 and h8: Emoji-speak versions of Shakespeare have actually been published

'2 *bee emoji* or not 2 *bee emoji*'

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Shakespeare can be a little challenging as a teenager but that's part of the joy of-NEVER MIND there's a TL;DR version now!

Penguin has launched an OMG Shakespeare series that reimagines his most famous plays in the digital age, with titles including Macbeth #killingit A Midsummer Night #NoFilter and YOLO Juliet.

The plays, retold by Courtney Carbone and Brett Wright, are condensed down to terse Whatsapp-esque messages, with characters 'checking in' rather than walking on stage and updating their relationship statuses at key moments.

'To be or not to be' becomes '2 *bee emoji* or not 2 *bee emoji*'. ' Thus with a kiss I die' becomes 'With a *blowing kiss emoji* I *dead emoji*'.

The books have been getting a strong marketing push, getting their own stand in one store, which stated: 'The classics can be *sleep emoji* Even with all the *heart emoji *heartbreak emoji* *grin emoji* *dead emoji*. Introducing OMG Shakespeare!

'Never wanted to burn a book before' @FreddyAmazing wrote alongside a picture of the stand, eliciting over 3,000 retweets.



Srsly Hamlet, Macbeth #killingit and YOLO Juliet are out now, with A Midsummer Night #nofilter launching next January.

One of the books carries the dedication: "To all my extraordinary English teachers, I'm sorry."