Harper Lee's anticipated second novel Go Set A Watchman went on sale across the world at midnight on Monday 13 July.

Fans queued to get their hands on the hardback edition of the novel, which was discovered by Lee's lawyer lying in a safe-deposit box in 2014.

The novel is set 20 years after the events of To Kill A Mockingbird, but was written five years or so before the publication of Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning book in 1960.

Book review: Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

Go Set A Watchman is the biggest release in the book-selling world since the final Harry Potter book in 2007.

Monroeville, Alabama - Harper Lee's hometown

AN75327077Book fan Julia St.jpg

AN75326625Tony Lyerly of De.jpg
Tony Lyerly, of Decatur, Alabama, sits and waits with his granddaughter Mariah Lyerly, 3, before the midnight book release of Go Set A Watchman


AN75327203Judy May of Monro.jpg
Judy May, of Monroeville, Alabama, laughs walking up the stairs as the second person to receive a copy of Go Set a Watchman in Harper Lee's hometown


Decatur, Georgia


EPA- AN75321930epa04845821 Book.jpg
Book enthusiasts pick up their copies of Go Set A Watchman at the Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, Georgia


London, UK


British book lovers queue to buy Harper Lee's new novel in Foyles, London


Book fans queue at Foyles, Charing Cross Road in London to get their hands on the new Harper Lee novel


Hong Kong

A bookseller displays copies of Go Set A Watchman before the midnight release of Harper Lee's novel


Seoul, South Korea


A South Korean bookseller lays out copies of Harper Lee's Go Set A Watchman


Sydney, Australia


Go Set A Watchman copies on show in Sydney, Australia before the midnight release of the novel


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