13 spooky tales for Halloween 2014: From The Turn of the Screw to The Haunting of Hill House

A selection of stories guaranteed to give you a fright

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There's plenty on offer at the silver screen this Halloween, with Annabelle and The Babadook ensuring audiences will be quivering in their seats.

But for true, spine-tingling terror, you can't beat the immersive experience of a scary book.

From ghost stories such as The Woman in Black and The Haunting of Hill House, to classic Gothic novels like Dracula and Frankenstein, to novellas and short stories including The Turn of the Screw and The Tell-Tale Heart, there are plenty of narratives guaranteed to leave you checking under the bed and sleeping with the light on.

Here's our selection of 13 spooky tales to give you a fright on 31 October.


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