Kindle bestsellers: 'I, Alex Cross,' new titles by Crichton, Koontz

Click to follow released its list of weekly bestselling Kindle e-books on December 1. For the week ending November 28, James Patterson's I, Alex Cross was holding the number-one slot. Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, a veteran to bestseller lists, took number two, and Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse was in third.

I, Alex Cross, Patterson's latest detective novel, was published November 16 and has been the top Kindle seller for the two weeks since its release. Several Stephenie Meyer titles are still in the top ten following the release of the Twilight film sequel New Moon.

New to the list are Michael Crichton's posthumously released adventure novel Pirate Latitudes and Dean Koontz's Breathless, both published November 24, plus Lori Copeland's newest holiday story The Christmas Lamp.

Kindle weekly bestsellers:

1. I, Alex Cross - James Patterson (1=position last week)
2. The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown (3)
3. Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer (9)
4. The Help - Kathryn Stockett (5)
5. Twilight - Stephenie Meyer (4)
6. The Christmas Lamp - Lori Copeland (new)
7. Pirate Latitudes - Michael Crichton (new)
8. Breathless - Dean Koontz (new)
9. New Moon - Stephenie Meyer (6)
10. Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer (new)

Source: Publishers' Marketplace

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