Lex Luthor joins DC Comics' Justice League


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DC continues the shake-up in comics, with Lex Luthor set to join the Justice League, following their latest comic book event, Forever Evil.

Geoff Johns, who currently writes the flagship DC book, warned fans that huge changes would be coming following the event, but no one could have guessed that Luthor would have made it onto the team.

Johns told AP: “I think the most interesting thing is that Lex doesn't realise what it's like to be a superhero, what the life is like.

“You make enemies, they attack you on a personal level. And he's just Lex Luthor. He has no codename, no mask.“

"He has to deal with the ramifications of that."

The bizarre turn of the once major villain begins in April with Justice League #30, but fans might be in for an extra surprise, with Luthor possibly leading the team.

“The Justice League is going to go through a lot of changes, obviously, in the wake of Forever Evil," Johns explained.

“Is he going to lead the Justice League? It depends on whom you ask on the team. Certainly, he thinks he should.”

The cover of the issue also reveals that Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern - three main characters that helped to form the team - are missing.

But the change in characters could be to do with the build-up for Man of Steel 2, due for release in 2015.

There have been various discussions around the inclusion on Lex Luthor in the film, and the fact he could be played by Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston.

It also has an ever growing cast, including Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and possible cameos from Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash and Martian Manhunter, leading to speculation that a Justice League film will follow.

The shake-up follows other turns at DC, including the unmasking of Dick Grayson as Nightwing and the launch of a second Aquaman series, something that would have been laughable a few years ago.