Marvel is making over Hulk as Korean-American teenager Amadeus Cho

Marvel has been rebooting some of its major characters to improve diversity

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Female Thor, black Captain America and a Muslim Ms Marvel have all joined the Marvel comic book universe and now, there's a new Hulk to add to its 'All New, All Different' line-up.

Bruce Banner will soon be no more when teenage genius Amadeus Cho dons the green suit for Totally Awesome Hulk #1 in December.

Fans of both Marvel and the Hulk will know Cho's name as he has featured in the stories as a supporting character for a decade, making his promotion seem more natural. The 19-year-old, Marvel's first Korean-American lead written and drawn by a Korean-American team, is both similar and different to Banner, but what do we know so far?

Axel Alonso, Marvel's editor in chief, dropped some big hints to Entertainment Weekly about what we might expect. "Physically, he's like Banner: he's the 98-pound weakling who's had everything but the physical aspect to make him super cool, but secondarily, he's so different from Banner," he said.


"He shares the monstrous intellect but he's a teenage kid who hasn't lived much yet. For Banner, the weight [of being Hulk] was like a boulder. For Cho, it's like a feather. He loves being the Hulk."

Alonso is convinced that by the time the new Hulk hits stores, the strongest character in the Marvel Universe will be Korean-American.

"I think the only person who can dispute that is the female Thor, which I think says a lot about our line," he said, adding that there will be no multiple Hulks.

"Just like there is one Thor and she's a she, there is one Hulk and it is Amadeus Cho," he said. "But I also want to say that there is a story to be told for Banner. Banner's story is not over."

Writer Greg Pak has teased two stories in the book's opening arc - one showing Amadeus "kicking ass and getting a threat that is scaled to his power" and another told in flashbacks about how he came to be Hulk and what happened to Banner.

"One thing is for certain - Amadeus Cho is a completely different kind of Hulk. Not tormented, not conflicted. Just a giant green wrecking machine who loves being the Hulk! What could possibly go wrong?" the official Marvel press release reads.

So there you go, Marvel fans. Your favourite gamma radiation expert is sticking around and you get a new Hulk to shake things up a little.