‘My first bagel’ and more gold from Gary Barlow’s autobiography

'On a sideboard there was something I'd seen before but never eaten: a bagel.'

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Gary Barlow has been operating under the radar as a very fastidious restaurant critic, Twitter has discovered to its joy this morning.

Alice Beverton-Palmer is credited with the discovery, stumbling across a Barlow autobiography (presumably 2006’s seminal ‘My Take’) while at a holiday house this week.

It was written before Barlow’s X Factor/Take That renaissance, so, in lieu of juicy showbiz gossip, Gary dutifully detailed his first experience of eating a bagel:

I love it. The detail. The palpable excitement. The short, 50 Shades-esque sentences (‘I thought it couldn’t be that bad.’ ‘It was gone in an instant.’). The fact he deemed the bagel autobiography worthy.

Reading on, Alice explained: "He eats Clive Davis's eggs too, then gets annoyed when Clive orders more without asking if Gary wants anything else. Amazing."

Barlow also "talks about having lots of groupie sex but doesn't go into any detail whatsoever (thank f*cking Christ)."

We needed more, and Marina O’Loughlin came up with the goods, posting Barlow’s thoughts on steak, late dinners and the joys of a ‘well-run dining room’, and kick-starting the #garybarlowrestaurantcritic hashtag.

Is Gary in the habit of eating steak from a tin? What does he make of extra mature cheddar? Does he trust the way a flan moves? I’m ordering ‘My Take’ now and will report back.