Nigel Farage to publish new book The Purple Revolution revealing Ukip's 'untold journey'

The book was previously turned down by a number of publishers

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Nigel Farage has written a new book that promises to "take us beyond the caricature of the beer-drinking, chain-smoking adventurer in Jermyn Street double-cuffs".

The book, The Purple Revolution: The Year That Changed Everything, will reveal the “untold story of the journey Ukip has travelled under [Farage’s] leadership, from the icy fingers of British politics all the way to Westminster”.

The book was turned down by a number of major London publishers according to the Guardian, before being accepted by independent publishers Biteback, which is run by the right wing commentator Iain Dale

The Purple Revolution will detail what Ukip would be prepared to accept in the event of a hung parliament.

According to a description from the publisher, it will also tell “how the party continues to woo politics from left and right, and, for the first time, reveal exactly how, over the last few years, Farage and his supporters have ushered in a very English revolution: secretly courting MPs in the tearooms and wine bars of the House of Lords”.


Alan Samson of Weidenfeld & Nicolson, one publisher that declined to publish Farage’s book, told the Guardian: “Of course we publish books which we don’t personally agree with – we have all sorts of political books on our list, from Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem MPs, peers and political commentators, and some of them don’t necessarily accord with my personal views.”

He added: “Publishing and bookselling should be part of the national debate, but we didn’t feel a Ukip book suited our programme. I just didn’t think it was something for us.”

The Purple Revolution will be Farage’s second book as Ukip leader.

His previous book Flying Free, also published by Biteback in 2011, has sold 3,558 copies to date, according to data from Nielsen Book Research.

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