Observations: A unlikely quest across the US West


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I still get a kick out of the look on people's faces when I tell them about my book Follow The Money.

Invariably, they say, "You did what?" And I have to repeat: "I followed a $10 bill across America for 3,300-miles over 30 days and nights. I cut crops in Kansas, got trashed with a blues band in Arkansas, hunted deer in Michigan, got saved, almost, by missionaries in Missouri. The usual things $10 bills do."

I spent a lot of time embarrassing myself in a state of total exhaustion. Often grubby, I would approach the latest recipient of the bill and mumble: "Hello, I'm, ahem, following that $10 bill. Yes, that one, IA74407937A, the one in your hand. The point is, now I have to follow you until you spend it..."

'Follow The Money' is published on 4 July by Union Books