Publishing: The art of selling books plumbs a new Depp


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We're all used to famous types starting their own record labels; everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Lily Rose Cooper (née Allen) has one. But what about having your own publishing imprint? HarperCollins has just announced that Johnny Depp will be in charge of a new imprint for it called Infinitum Nihil, which means "nothing lasts for ever", and shares its name with his production company. Perhaps publishing imprints are the new must-have. The US chef Rachael Ray and the comedian Chelsea Handler have them too.

In a statement, Depp said: "I pledge, on behalf of Infinitum Nihil, that we will do our best to deliver publications worthy of people's time, of people's concern, publications that might ordinarily never have breached the parapet. For this dream realised, we would like to salute HarperCollins for their faith in us."

How exciting. So what sort of controversial, subversive works does the maverick actor (and close, personal friend of the late Hunter S Thompson) plan to put out?

Oh, a new Bob Dylan tome (The Unraveled Tales of Bob Dylan, by historian Douglas Brinkley). Because there aren't enough of those around already.