Sarah Palin's forthcoming book on the commercialisation of Christmas... may well be out in time for, er, Christmas


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Forget the wars on terror and drugs, Sarah Palin wants to talk to you about the war on Christmas.

The former Republican vice-presidential candidate has signed a deal to write her third book. After a memoir and a collection of speeches and writing about America, A Happy Holiday is a Merry Christmas will see Palin turn her attention to the over-commercialisation of Christmas.

It will, according to Palin, be “a fun, festive, thought-provoking book, which will encourage all to see what is possible when we unite in defence of our faith and ignore the politically correct Scrooges who would rather take Christ out of Christmas”.

The tome will include “personal traditions” to help those wanting to fight the good fight.

These people will, presumably, want to read about such matters around December-time. So let’s hope she can get it out in time for the lucrative pre-Christmas gift-buying rush...