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Shit Girls Say, the popular Twitter feed and subsequent YouTube video series, has just landed a book deal with Harlequin. Created by two Toronto-based men, Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, it pokes fun at a number of clichés and verbal mannerisms often associated with young women.

Considering it has more than a million followers on Twitter, and the first episode of Shit Girls Say on YouTube, which saw Sheppard dressed in drag eschewing somewhat ditzy observations, has been viewed more than 16m times, you can see why the publishers came calling.

Despite its runaway popularity, Shit Girls Say has been divisive. Some were outraged when it first came out, arguing that it promoted gender-based stereotypes, while others laughed and instantly recognised some of the catchphrases (I'm a serial offender).

It's the latest example of publishers trying to capitalise on popular internet memes and websites. Books based on the likes of Stuff White People Like, Damn You, Autocorrect! and Texts From Last Night, have all made the transition from cyberspace to the bathroom with ease but time will tell if Harlequin have a hit on their hands. In the meantime, recognise any of these, ladies?

1 I miss that dress

2 Why did she cut her hair?

3 We should hang out more often

4 Guess who I ran into?

5 I have so many stories for you

6 Could you do me a huge favour?

7 I'm so pale

8 Was I super annoying last night?

9 I'm excited for our date this week!

10 So good, right?