Trending: The blue dress today, Kate, but make sure your slip isn't showing


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With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first wedding anniversary fast approaching, the publishing industry continues to wring the last drops of merchandising potential from the occasion.

Noted Francophile Pippa Middleton plans to publish her guide to successful party hosting, Celebrate, in October, but until then royal-watchers can make do with Dress Up Kate (Michael O'Mara, £5.99), a illustrated sticker book which comes out next month, and invites budding Sarah Burtons to dress the Duchess in adhesive outfits for a number of official and private occasions.

Stick her in that famous blue Issa dress for a garden party, for example, then slip on an evening gown for a gala dinner, or a Barbour jacket for a weekend at Balmoral.

Republicans, moreover, may appreciate the book in its raw, unstickered state, for the way it introduces an air of awkwardness to Catherine's otherwise immaculate sashay through the palaces and first class cabins of public life. Whether she's launching a lifeboat, attending a jubilee event, or at her own wedding, the Duchess is depicted wearing nothing but her underwear – a fetching slip that only just preserves her modesty. It's every aspiring Princess's worst nightmare.