Two Susan Boyle biographies due out in early 2010

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On January 13, Publishers Weekly announced that a biography of reality TV singing sensation Susan Boyle, called Dreams Can Come True, will be published in the US and UK in late January/early February. A second biography, Living the Dream, is due out on January 25 in the UK, announced The Bookseller on January 15.

Dreams Can Come True, written by Alice Montgomery, will be published in England by Penguin UK on January 28 and in the US by Overlook on February 9. The US hardcover will sell for $21.95; UK hardcover and paperback editions are listed at £6.99.

Living the Dream will be written by journalist John McShane, who has also written biographies on Heath Ledger and soccer player Didier Drogba. Published by John Blake, the paperback will hit UK stores on January 25. Release date on is listed as February 1, and list price is £7.99; a US release date is not yet available.

Both titles will be unauthorized biographies, and there is no news yet about whether an authorized book will follow.

Susan Boyle became a hit with her 2009 performance on the television show Britain's Got Talent. With record sales up to five million and growing, Boyle's debut album I Dreamed A Dream has broken records in the US and UK as one of the fastest-selling debut albums of all time.