Paulo Coelho announces details about next book release

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On April 7, internationally bestselling author Paulo Coelho shared details of the progress of his upcoming book, The Aleph, via his Twitter account (@paulcoelho). According to the recent announcement, the author has finished editing the forthcoming title, which is expected out internationally in 2011.

Coelho first posted details of the new work on his blog on March 13:

"In 2006 I was called to my 3rd sacred pilgrimage. ... I went to several countries, but the epiphany happened while crossing Asia in the Transiberian train ( 15 days, 7 different time zones, 9.2528 kms from Moscow to Vladivostok). I was travelling with a Turkish girl, Hilal (not her real name), for reasons that you are going to discover in the book. This point where time and space converge is called 'The Aleph' (J.L.Borges has a wonderful short story about this point). Therefore, this is the title of my new book: 'The Aleph'. ... Why did I take so long to write about this pilgrimage? Because it took me three full years to understand it."

Coehlo called the experience "the first time I wrote a book in public," referring to his regular Twitter updates throughout the writing process.

Coelho reports that the book will be released "very soon" in Brazil, follow by a worldwide release in 2011.

Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho is one of the world's bestselling novelists, having sold a reported 100 million books in more than 150 countries and 67 languages. His 1988 title The Alchemist reached first place in bestseller lists in 74 countries and has sold 35 million copies.