Blues: Philosophy for Everyon, Edited by Jesse R.Steinberg & Abrol Fairweather


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The Independent Culture

Joining an intriguing series that includes Cycling (A Philosophical Tour de Force), Porn (How to Think With Kink) and Coffee (Grounds for Debate), this volume urges readers to "dive into the deep and endlessly invigorating well of blues... It won't hurt or if it does, it will be the kind of hurt that 'hurts so good'."

Contributors propose links between Lightnin' Hopkins and Jeremy Bentham, Blind Blake, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Wittgenstein (the "family resemblance" that unites the genre), Taj Mahal and Hegel. Such curious encounters work surprisingly well in unpicking the invigorating profundities of blues lyrics: "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all."