Book review: 'One Another' by Alisa Resnik


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The winner of this year’s European Publishers Award for Photography is Alisa Resnik for her project One Another. The winning book is published simultaneously in five editions, in five languages.

Alisa Resnik was born in 1976 in St Petersburg, Russia, and moved to Berlin, Germany, in 1990. After studying art history in Berlin and Bologna, she began taking photographs in 2008. Her work has been exhibited in Rome, Milan and Madrid. Resnik received awards in the Winephoto Contest in 2008 and 2009.

One Another features images mainly taken at night in St Petersburg and Berlin. Leaden-coloured scenes of greasy spoon cafes, empty halls and old hotel rooms seem to echo with traces of the past. She captures fleeting expressions and movements: hurried glances, small awkward gestures, the signs of grief or desperation of subjects breaking through the glass of loneliness.

For Resnik, photography is the way to stop for a moment and look deeper into reality, to step past the often painful dichotomy between subject and the object: “You roam the world looking for the moments you can stop and turn into an act of perception, looking for a revelation, looking for  a mirror.”