From Eternityto Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time, By Sean Carroll

The cosmology is cutting-edge, but I'm still in the dark

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Time doesn't go backwards. You can't unscramble a scrambled egg. But why not? In this fascinating book about the "arrow of time", Sean Carroll posits that it's because of entropy, which operates as it does because of the conditions at the Big Bang.

But our universe may be only one of many "baby universes" constantly being spawned by a multiverse. This is cutting-edge cosmology, and though on each individual page I kidded myself I understood it, the theories are way beyond me. That is not Carroll's fault. He writes lucidly, with clever similes and helpful diagrams – but this stuff is just so damned hard. And yet it's awe-inspiring. Reading it was like wandering through a vast, dimly lit cathedral without my glasses on.