Grand Prix 2009, by Bruce Jones

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Last year's Formula One season was more gripping than the average – not difficult, some would say – with the driver's title being decided on the last corner of the last lap of the last race, producing a British champion in Lewis Hamilton.

Record television viewing figures are forecast for this year, so it's a shame for ITV Sport that they have lost the TV rights to the BBC. Smiling through their tears, they have sponsored this official guide for the 12th year running, and excellent it is too.

It doesn't attempt anything too tricksy, just does the basics well, relying on a seasoned observer to analyse the events of 2008 race by race before setting the scene for this year with an insider's view of the teams, drivers and circuits. Added value is provided by sections on night racing and the new technical changes designed to reduce costs and encourage overtaking, supported by admirably detailed graphics.

With full colour throughout it's a slick package and, unlike ITV's on-screen coverage, there's not an ad in sight to interrupt the flow.

Published in large-format paperback by Carlton Books, £12.99

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