Grass Stains, By Kirsty Robinson

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Louisa, the 30-year old heroine of this slick and slinky debut, has just hit a new low, having submitted to a "grubby fumble" on the meeting-room table with "the kind of guy who gets off with interns and goes to Coldplay gigs."

As you can judge from her youthful disdain, this is probably not the kind of novel that will be savoured by mid-lifers tempted to get down with the festival crowd.

An editor on an "edgy, agenda-setting" style magazine, Louisa's life is a string of free gigs and all nighters that would kill a lesser mortal.

But cracks are appearing. For a start, husband Dan is acting erratically, and they are in danger of losing their precious back-stage passes if they don't hit the motorway soon. A breezy and eloquent slice of kidult-lit for the Ibiza generation.