I Remember Nothing, By Nora Ephron


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Nora Ephron, the screenwriter of When Harry Met Sally and writer/director of Julie & Julia, gives us, with this ironically titled book, her observations and reflections on a prodigious writing career, which unceremoniously began as the "mail girl" at Newsweek in the early 1960s.

It mixes the light, wry touch of David Sedaris with occasional dark shots of Joan Didion, from conversational amblings about the vicissitudes of life to ageing and death.

Chapters begin with words such as: "A while back, my friend Graydon Carter...". Ephron's "newspaper-woman" cynicism can't disguise her lust for life. Be warned: her lists of the things she will and won't miss about life, [after death] may bring on a melting, "seize the day" moment.