Innocent, By Scott Turow

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"A man is sitting on a bed. He is my father. The body of a woman is beneath the covers. She was my mother." So opens the sequel to Turow's hit 1987 debut Presumed Innocent, the book that put American legal-eagle thrillers back on the map.

Over 20 years ago, Turow's hero, Rusty Sabich, was on trial for the murder of his lover and colleague Carolyn Polhemus. Now aged 60, and the chief judge of the State Court of Appeals, Rusty is once again suspected of murder by his old adversary, prosecuting attorney Tommy Molto.

Switching between multiple viewpoints – Rusty, his fragile son, Nat, and their shared lover, Anna – Turow weaves a complex web of undercover relationships. Rusty's second courtroom drama is no less thrilling than his first.