Lichtenstein Posters by Jürgen Döring

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There was always a heavy interplay between Pop Art and commercial design. Commercial art – advertising, comic strips, cartoons – was Roy Lichtenstein's favourite subject, so it is no surprise that the artist also designed and printed posters for his own exhibitions. He also worked on commission for organisations such as the Raindance and New York Film festivals, the Paris Cultural Festival, and political campaigns such as Against Apartheid and the 1988 Democratic candidate's presidential election campaign.

In 1963, the year the term Pop Art was coined, he moved to Manhattan and started his series of 'Girls' based on images in comics; the iconic 'Crying Girl' dates from this period.

This bold, large format and full-colour book accompanies the current exhibition at the Museum für Kunst in Hamburg, gathering together all 70 or so of Lichtenstein's original poster designs for the first time.